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Steampunk films, animations, games

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October 21, 2013


Steampunk is a very popular branch of the Science Fiction genre, found throughout movies, games, literature, and it was originally called “Victorian era science fiction” , where the retro-futuristic worlds are driven by steam, hence the name. When creating the stories or the content for such productions, you can leave your imagination run wild and come up with mad science devices, environments, and appealing characters, as long as you imagine all these as a 19th century inventor would have done them.

Featured image: Steampunk

This  sub-genre has origins in the 19th century, in the literary works of Jules Verne and H. G. Wells, and then spread in the other mediums such as films, television, cartoons, comics, games, fashion. The steampunk style can mean more than one thing, you can create it either as a future, post-apocalyptic world,where the humanity has returned to old steam-based technologies, or an alternative “what-if” world, based on anachronistic technologies, as the 19th century people would have envisioned them. You can take things even further, and consider sub-genres of steampunk such as Clockpunk, where instead off steam the world relies on gears and mechanisms, or Gaslamp, which is less focused on tech, and is usually set during Victorian or Edwardian times. You don’t have to be limited just to the victorian era or wild west, which are the most used themes in steampunk, you can create your very own fantasy universe and time.

Building Blocks- Steampunk Classics
Jules Verne – “ From the Earth to the Moon”

H.G. Wells – “Time Machine”

The Wild Wild West – The 1965 TV series

Steampunk themes

Although as a genre it is derived from cyberpunk, which can be briefly described as “high tech and low life.” (Ketterer, David (1992). Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy ), steampunk tends to present less darker themes, more romantic, with less social struggle. An exception can be Gaslamp Fantasy, which tends to be more gothic.
SteamPunk_Octopus_by_Alex Broekel

SteamPunk Octopus by Alex Broekel

Steampunk characters and fashion
The character’s costumes are usually elaborate, with straps, weapons, gears, and almost always with a cap or helmet of some sort, goggles.

Steampunk weapons

They tend to have intricate designs, over the top, with many parts and imaginative, don’t have to be too much focused on the actual workings or functionality of the mechanisms.


The preacher – by Steam Pistols

Steampunk vehicles

The most iconic vehicles are the steam-powered airships, with intricate designs and mechanism, but you can put your imagination to work creating fantasy land and sea transportation vehicles.

Games, Animations, Films

Animation – The Mysterious Explorations of Jasper Morello

Films – The League Of Extraodinary Gentlemen

MusicVideo – Eye Of The Storm

Watch here the “making of” the “Eye of the storm”

Games – Machinarium 2 – by Amanita

steampunk- plaza_1280x800


Steampunk: An Illustrated History of Fantastical Fiction, Fanciful Film and Other Victorian Visions Hardcover
by Brian J. Robb (Author) , James P. Blaylock (Foreword) , Jonathan Clements (Contributor)


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